Ventilation Hygiene

Ventilation Cleaning

Keeping Ventilation systems clean should be an important process in the maintenance schedule of a building.

Many Health and safety documents state that Ventilation systems should be cleaned to an appropriate level and at suitable intervals and that workers and visitors in the building are entitled to breathe clean, purified air.

All-clean Environmental Services provides ventilation system cleaning in order to help prevent the problems which can be associated with dirty ductwork, obvious visual damage to areas surrounding ceiling grilles, Poor airflow leading to reduced staff productivity (due to sickness or tiredness) and financial burdens associated with corrosion of duct.

Cleaned to the TR19 Industry Standard

The Site Operatives at All-clean Environmental Services clean ventilation systems in accordance with the B&ES (formerly HVCA) guide to good practice: TR19 and will certificate all works to show compliance.

Additional Services

In addition to removing debris and dust particles from ventilation systems our operatives can also:

  • Install Access doors as required
  • Perform Vacuum tests to quantitatively assess the amount of dust in the
  • system (as post clean proof of cleaning or as part of an ongoing testing schedule to schedule cleaning)
  • Perform Bacterial / Fungal testing
  • Perform Ductwork disinfection

example 1 of commercial ventilation hygiene cleaning

example 2 of commercial ventilation hygiene cleaning

example 3 of commercial ventilation hygiene cleaning

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